Speck Sues Counterfeit iPhone Case Maker For Millions



Speck is the Trojan of iPhone cases: you might not want to wear one, but they’re everywhere, and it’s better than going bareback. Speck’s colorful, buttony cases are pretty much ubiquitous, and one of the most easily recognizable iPhone case brands out there.

In fact, Speck is so recognizable that there are aapparently counterfeit Speck cases on the market… and Speck is so honked off about it that they are suing the maker of these fake Speck cases for mllions.

All Things D reports:

Last week, the company filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit — it’s biggest enforcement action yet — against Katinkas USA, a Utah company it says has been selling fake Speck cases. Also named is the company’s chief executive…

“Counterfeiting is a very big problem in the accessories market,” Speck CEO Irene Baran said in an interview. “We’re going to go after this. It’s illegal and it hurts us companies and there’s a lot of it going on.”

Apparently, Katinkas USA sold counterfeit Speck cases through Amazon, who worked with Speck to identify the culprit.

What’s odd is that these aren’t just knock-offs: this is an example of a company making their own cases and slapping the Speck logo on them, then packaging and marketing them like Speck cases. Speck must have made a very tempting target: their cases are easy and cheap to make, and yet they have a recognizable brand that makes people willing to pay more for their products.

Source: All Things D