High-Class Italian Leather iPad Sleeve Has A High Price To Match



I used to use a sleeve-style case with my original iPad, and I loved it. Sleeves protect the iPad while you carry it, and let you experience the full slimline awesomeness of a naked tablet when you take it out to use. Then Apple made the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover and that was it. The only time I change cases now is if I need something rugged, or if I’m testing one for review.

But I’m tempted by the Calypso Tab, a lovely leather sleeve for the regular iPad and the mini. It’s a softish hard shell, and it looks fantastic.

It’s not cheap. The cases cost €149, or around $192, but then again they are made by hand, in Italy. The outside is leather, and the inside is something called “Conite,” the “con” part of which might refer to the cost.

It comes in a variety of colors, including the whore red sen here, plus a kind of cougar-beige, fetish black and a black case with red trim that looks like something I would have liked in my insecure late teens/early twenties.

Source: Calypso