Rokform Unveils Rokshield v3 Case + Mighty Mounting System for iPad Mini




We’ve been fascinated the stuff emerging from motorcycle-wizards-turned-iDevice-accessory-crafter Rokform ever since we took their machined alloy Rokbed iPhone case for a spin a few years back. Today the company revealed the Rokshield v3, basically a smaller, iPad Mini version of their Roklock case and mounting system.

The robust, rubber-armored Rokshield v3 case is built around a unique mount interface (Rokform calls this their Remote Mounting System) that allows it to be slotted onto Rokform’s $49 RMS suction-cup mount for cars or boats (etc), or a $39 tripod adapter that works with accessories like the popular Joby GorillaPod tripods.

Or do this: The case has hexagonal slots that, once you’ve popped out the anti-slip rubber inserts, can accept powerful magnets (included with the case) which allow the Rokshield to be mounted on metal surfaces. The case also comes with sticky pads that’ll work if your environment lacks ferrous metals.

The Rokshield v3 is available now for $59.