Review: Ommwriter Text Editor



Ommwriter is different. It’s a text editor, perhaps better described as a “writing environment” because text editor makes it sound like something you could write code in. And I can’t see many people using it for that.

Ommwriter plays ambient music and soundscapes while you work. The splash screen encourages you to stick headphones on while you’re using it; the idea is to put you in that special writing space you need to be in to get your work done.

One very odd thing is that it’s made by an advertising and marketing agency – such companies are not normally well known for their work as OS X developers.

Anyway. I’ve made a little screencast that shows you how it all works:

When I first saw it I was sceptical, but having tried it out I’m a little less so. I shall certainly be trying out Ommwriter when I get round to one or two forthcoming creative writing projects; it will be interesting to see how the experience compares to using WriteRoom.

What do you make of it? Let us know in the comments.

  • Hillary B

    Thank you for making such a nice written (and video) review of OmmWriter. I discovered OmmWriter a few nights ago from a blog, and ultimately ended up downloading OmmWriter Dána II. I think it’s a wonderful program. I love the ambient background music, and believe it or not, I like the background typing noises! It somehow motivates me to write even more, and get more out. If only I had discovered the program when I was writing essay after essay for my college writing class. Oh well! Again, thank you for providing people with a review of this program. I think it should be shared. :)  

  • Neeraj Sachdeva

    Great review, really appreciate it. I actually really like the ambient sound. As for the keystrokes, they might have tried to mimic the scenario where you are sitting inside, writing, while its raining outside. That is what it says to me anyways :)