Groove On Authentic, Retro Electric Piano Sounds With The iLectric Piano App For iPad


Sounds so good, you'll think you're in a 70s band.
Sounds so good, you'll think you're in a 70s band.

IK Multimedia is a powerhouse of music peripherals and apps for the mobile musician, with a range of products including the iKlip mic stand mounting series for iPad and iPhone, the iRig Mic and iRig Pre, and a host of guitar, voice, and recording apps for iOS.

Recently, the company released iLectric Piano, an electric follow up of sorts to its iGrand acoustic piano app of a few months back. iLectric provides 19 different electric pianos, sampled from the instruments themselves, and placed in a fun, easy to use, useful iPad app that’s just brimming with the funky, groovy sounds of electric piano the likes of the Wurlitzer 200A and the Hohner D6 Clavinet.

The electric piano sounds included with the base iLectric Piano app, which retails for $19.99 in the App Store, are a diverse bunch, letting you play a variety of styles and sounds easily and quickly. There are multiple versions of EP, Wurly, and Clavinet keyboards in there, each with their own sonic signature. You can adjust a ton of settings, adjusting frequencies, different types of sound mods like Tremolo, Flanger, Chorus, and Phaser, and even transpose the pitches the keys play for truly pro results.

This is definitely an app that can be used by musicians of all ability and experience levels, with an easily configured interface, an included metronome, several songs to play along to, and another 22 electric piano sounds available as a $10 in-app purchase.

iLectric Piano is Core MIDI compliant, meaning it will work with any device with that support. You can play right on the screen with the touchscreen piano keys, connect IK Multimedia’s own iRig Keys keyboard, or any standard MIDI controller with a MIDI interface, like the iRig MIDI.

If you’re looking to add the sounds of electric piano to your iPad, really, this is a great place to start. Check out iLectric Piano in the App Store at the link below, and if you end up purchasing it, let us know what you think. If you want to hear what the iLectric Piano sounds like, head over to the IK Multimedia audio page and give it a listen.