Logitech’s Tiny iPad Mini Keyboard Case Is Just Too Small [MWC2013]



mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Unless you love the cramped, sweaty quarters of a netbook keyboard, I’d advise you to stay away from the Logitech Ultra Thin keyboard case for the iPad mini. It looks great, and as a keyboard, it makes and excellent case.

But as soon as you try to type on it you’ll wish you’d saved your $100.

Like the big keyboard case for the full-sized iPad, this one attaches with a magnetic hinge, just like a Smart Cover. When you remove it, the slot/stand (also magnetic) attracts itself to the iPad’s side like Khan’s worm made for Chekov’s ear.


All that works great. Even the key feel is fine. But the keys are just too small. Logitech ditched the usual edge keys (Caps Lock, Tab and so on) to make more space for the letters, but even with this modification the keys are cramped (you activate the missing keys by pressing, say, the A key plus Fn to gets Caps Lock). I guess you could get used to it, but what would be the point? After all, you might as well get used to the mini’s own keyboard.

I’m leaning more and more towards using a full-sized keyboard with any iPad, even the mini. The difference is usually only a few ounces between these and a keyboard case. In fact, if you opt for Logitech’s own Easy Switch keyboard it weighs less than Apple’s own wireless keyboard, and is designed to work with your iPad and your Mac, all for the same price.

  • IAmTimBaker

    I disagree. I purchased this two weeks ago and have been a fan from the get-go. You are right in that there is a slight learning curve, but after about 20 minutes of using this, you get used to it. I’m not saying I’d use this to write a huge novel on, but for taking it to meetings and recording notes, it’s a much better option than using the on-screen keyboard.

  • NewPharo

    this is for people on the move, great for casual typing as the ipad mini for casual work, want a full keyboard, logitech got the New Easy Switch Mac/ipad/iphone eliminated bluetooth also the Logitech for the mac/ipad/iphone k760 same but with Solar panel both at their web site