ETZ Headphones: The Ferrari Of Headphones [Deals]



If you’re a true music aficionado your time has come to upgrade to one of the best-designed sets of headphones on the market. This Cult of Mac Deals offer features a headset that is designed specifically for anyone looking to enhance their audio experience.

If you’ve considered buying high-end headphones such as Beats by Dre, these ETZ Headphones from 3EIGHTY5 AUDIO have arguably better sound quality with more luxury and style for half the price – just $129!

(Please note: This offer is available to continental USA customers only.)

Take a look at the specs and you’ll see how rock-solid these ETZ Headphones are:

  • Driver Diameter: 50mm
  • Frequency Response: 20–20,000Hz
  • Impedance: 32ohms + 15%
  • Sensitivity: 115dB + 03db
  • Max. input power: 50mw
  • Microphone Sensitivity –58db + 2dB
  • Microphone Operating Voltage 4.5V
  • Microphone Impedance: 2.2K
  • Cable length: 1.5m

The rich mahogany wood earpieces covered with a lacquer finish truly delivers a one-of-a-kind sound experience that can’t be found anywhere else on the block. And when you’re not using your headphones, these beauties will fold flat and store in a matching lacquer wooden storage case to keep them clean and safe.

A deal that sounds as good as this won’t last long. So head over to our Deals page and pick up the ETZ Headphones for just $129 today (normally $199)!

  • sosickitzill

    A true music aficionado will NEVER buy beats by Dre & probably this one. If this comes close to the sound of an Audio Technica within the same price range. Maybe we can call it the Ferrari of headphones. #doubit

  • rondini

    Stick with Sennheiser

  • MAJ

    +1 on Sennheiser. Beats isn’t anything close to audiophile equipment. It has marketing behind it but that’s all.

  • zagatosz

    Get a set of Grados if you want an audiophile experience.

  • Bob Smogango

    I’m going to interject a little dose of reality. First off, Cultofmac is not a good resource for guidance on audiophile products since they don’t focus on that subject matter. For that guidance I would refer to Stereophile Mag, InnerFidelity (owned by Stereophile), The Absolute Sound, etc. The word “high end” is being misused in this article. High end headphones can typically go into the THOUSANDS of dollars, and those are what a REAL audiophile is going to look at. Yeah, I’m sure those Dr. Dre or ZTE headphones might be OK for certain people, but those are tailored more towards DJs, not audiophiles. When it comes to auditioning audio equipment, having a trained ear is VERY important since having some sort of music background is important, as well as having spent time listening to, evaluating a variety of products ranging from the low end to the high end, having a background in electronics/acoustic engineering, etc. also helps.

    What I found to be a little humorous was that they are talking about a “musical experience”, but no where in the article were any sound measurements or discussions on what they actually sound like.

    I would suggest getting a little more knowledge and education in terms of what “HIGH END” is by reading Stereophile, InnerFIdelity, The Absolute Sound, etc. when it comes to home audio products.

    If you want HIGH END headphones, the Stax SR-009 are highly rated audiophile headphones and they cost around $2500, that’s what the HIGH END is. And yes, there are others out there that might come out that are even more expensive. Everything is relative. Brands to look for are guys like Stax, Grado, Sennheiser, and a bunch of others that most people have never heard of. Oh, BTW one has to also look into DACs, headphone amps that are also “HIGH END”. Those can get VERY expensive. But a good reasonably priced headphone DAC can cost at least $300 for a Meridian Audio on up to several thousand for a variety of expensive DAC/headphone preamp/amps. Enjoy.