Flip Cap, The Lens Cap You’ll Never, Ever Lose


Filp Cap from CNET Asia on Vimeo.

Pesky lens caps: They’re either on the lens and in your way, or in your pocket and impossible to find. Or – worse – lost. What’s that? You have a little string to keep it attached to your camera’s strap? That’s neat, but it’s also going to drive you crazy next time it dangles into frame.

What you need, my frustrated camera-toting friend, is the Flip Cap.

The Flip Cap is a spring-loaded cap which screws onto your camera’s lens like a filter. Press a button on the side and the inner disk flips out through 180˚ and stays there out of the way as you snap.

You probably don’t want this on your lens at an all-day photo-shoot, but if you carry your camera around your neck then it’s perfect for quick shots. It’s also going to cost just $25 (¥3,300), which is cheaper than buying replacement caps forever.

Source: PetaPixel