Aluminum Bumper For iPad Mini Gives Your Fingers Something To Grab Hold Of



If you made a Venn Diagram with circles for the name and the description of the Aluminum Sliding Bumper Case for iPad Mini, then it would consist of just one circle.

And there’s not really much more to add.

The case is a two-part, rubber-lined bumper which slides onto the littlest iPad. Ir protects the edges from bumps, as bumpers are designed to do, but it also adds a grip all around the edges. I have very few complaints about the iPad mini (I love it), but one of them is the fact that it’s so slim and skinny that it’s tricky to keep it ins a one-handed grip.

Pathetic first-world whine aside, the Sliding Bumper looks great for its intended job, and is also dirt cheap at just $18 (plus an extra dollar to get it in pink or blue).

Source: USB Fever

  • ActionableMango

    I am skeptical that this is aluminum for that price. Also, the website says the following:

    “This bumper, made of co-molded rubber and plastic, fits snugly around the edges of your iPad and gives it protection.”