Haze Is A Gorgeous New App For Checking The Weather On Your iPhone


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Weather apps are a dime a dozen these days. iOS designers have proven that they know how to create beautiful, intuitive weather apps like Dark Sky, Solar, Today Weather, Weather Neue, Check the Weather, and so on.

One of the earlier weather iPhone apps with a unique, beautiful design was Outside. The same company behind Outside, Robocat, has released a totally new weather app in the App Store today called Haze.

Haze gives you a radiantly crafted 5 day forecast at a glance. Built from the ground up with OpenGL ES and OpenAL. Swipe through and explore weather information related to sunshine, temperature and rain with a polished audiovisual experience. Is it going to be warmer tomorrow? Don’t read it. See it. The beautifully animated background shows you the trend. Use Haze frequently to unlock colorful themes and customize the look.

The app took six designers six months to make, and Robocat interviewed iOS users to find out what they really want from a weather iPhone app. The project was a joint effort between Robotcat and Taptanium.

Haze is relatively minimalistic in its approach, and that’s by design. There’s no radar or hourly forecasts. There is still detailed information like wind direction and humidity, but it’s hidden from the main interface to let you focus on the essentials.

Gestures and some delightful sounds are used to give the app its charm. Colorful animations match the weather info you’re looking at, which is a nice touch. Overall, the app looks like a good balance between rich features and simplicity.

Haze for iPhone is available now in the App Store for an introductory price of $1.

Source: Haze

  • extra_medium

    Maybe it comes from living in the Midwest, but I don’t understand this trend of minimal information weather apps. I want to see everything about the impending doom headed my way… I want to see radar, maps, video forecasts, shots from weather cams around the area, and I want it all up front… I don’t care if it has a cool name and looks beautiful and clean. If I lived in Cali or somehwere else where my worst concern is if its going to drop all the way into the mid-50s over the weekend, maybe I’d change my mind though.

  • Atienne

    I dont get the obsession with weather. Why pay for an app when its free?