aTV Flash (Black) Updated To Jailbreak Latest Apple TV Firmware



Following the most recent Apple TV update that brought Bluetooth keyboard support, iTunes in the Cloud, and Up Next to the Apple TV, FireCore has released updates to their second-generation Apple TV jailbreaking software aTV Flash (black) and Seas0n Pass that allow you to get your jailbreak back on firmware 5.2.

Here’s what is new.

Full list of changes

NEW! Added support for Apple TV 5.2 and Bluetooth keyboards
Minor improvements to backups
Minor improvements to DVD playback
A handful of other bug fixes and improvements

Note: Some 3rd party plugins such as Plex, Remote HD, Rowmote, and XBMC are not yet compatible with the 5.1+ Apple TV software.

aTV Flash (black) and Seas0nPass only work on the second-generation Apple TV with the A4 processor. If you have a more recent Apple TV, you can’t jailbreak your device, although Firecore seems hopeful that that bottleneck will be remedied soon.

Source: Firecore

  • daov2a

    This is awesome! I assume XBMC is right around the corner?

  • NoobianGod

    Interesting. I wonder if the bluetooth keyboard functionality could bleed over to video game controller integration with the help of team aTV Flash (black) and Seas0n Pass sporting some emulator apps for us to work with. Me thinks this could be very cool indeed. (I say as app dev kits may be going out in mere weeks if an Apple TV even is on the horizon as rumors may be indicating.)