Tim Cook: The Only Thing Apple Will Not Do Is Make A Crappy Product



Tim Cook is speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference this morning. He was just asked about whether or not Apple will make an iPhone with a bigger screen. Of course Timmy wouldn’t just spill the details on Apple’s future plans, but he didn’t say Apple wouldn’t make a 5-inch iPhone either.

“The only thing Apple will not do is make a crappy product,” Cook explained. Maybe he hasn’t heard of Apple Maps and Siri, but we digress. Cook explained that the only thing that matters to Apple is the customer experience, regardless of how big the screen is.

Cook explained that for decades the way the PC industry has competed over the years was Specs and Price. They brag about harddrive space and speed, and the CPU speed, and the latest screen size because they can’t brag about how great the experience is.

“Customers want a great experience and they want that AHA! moment each time they use the product, which isn’t dependent on specs. You want a fabulous experience,” said Cook.

Cook went a bit deeper and said that there are other important aspects of a display, other than size, that will give the user a great experience.Cook said, “The color saturation on OLED displays is awful. You shouldn’t depend on an OLED display’s color. The retina display is twice as bright. There are many attributes of a display and Apple sweats every detail. We care about all of it.”

Apple’s ideology is that the customer experience is always broader than that which can be defined by a specific number. Yes, that 5.7-inch smartphone/phablet has a nice big screen and four processors, but does it make your life better? If not, well don’t expect Apple to make a larger screen iPhone just to match Samsung’s spec sheet.

  • daov2a

    Yes, apparently he has not heard about maps and Siri (or the lack of camera on first iPad. Still scratching my head on that one!). I would disagree with his assessments regarding specs though. That seems to be the main crux of Apple updates since Jobs passed away.

  • kincaid

    This comes as a shock to me, as I have been trying to get my faulty 2012 MBP replaced since I bought it! I’ve even had to email him directly, several times, after Apple CS denied help.