The CameraMator Wirelessly Transfers Your DSLR Photos To Your iPad [Macworld 2013]




The iPad’s large, beautiful screen has always been attractive for photography applications, and as the device becomes more and more powerful, developers and hardware vendors alike are taking advantage of all the iPad has to offer.

The latest device to do so, the CameraMator, lets you wirelessly transfer photos from your Canon or Nikon DSLR directly to your iPad or MacBook. It’s almost like magic.

The CameraMator is similar in many ways to the CamRanger, another remote DSLR product we found this year at Macworld. Essentially, the CameraMator can perform basic camera functions and act like a remote for your DSLR. Its headline feature, though, is the ability to view the photos you take almost in real time on the big screen without wires.

The device itself mounts right on the top of your camera, so that you don’t have cables and boxes dangling all over the place to take care of. The CameraMator retails for $299, and you can purchase it here now.