Rocksteady XS Speaker Is Perfect For Pool And Patio Parties



The Rocksteady XS is a Bluetooth speaker with a big difference: it’s designed to be “as loud as possible.” To that end, it features a sealed design so that the sound can punch harder out of the end-mounted speakers. It’s also tough (with an aluminum shell) and cheap at just $99, making it ideal for outdoor use.

The utilitarian design reminds me of British NAD hi-fi components, and it even has similar off-the-shelf-looking buttons. The speaker puts out an earsplitting 150dB 100dB, the (replaceable) li-ion battery lasts for a good ten hours, and the USB port will also charge your mobile device.

That USB port will also accept a thumb drive full of music and play it for you, a pretty neat touch for outdoor parties – you can ask friends to bring “mix-tapes.”

The Rocksteady XS should be on general sale in a couple weeks, and there is currently a test unit somewhere between Rocksteady’s factory and Cult of Mac’s underground Spanish HQ. Stay tuned to find out the results – not that you’ll need to: you will probably hear the thing once I fire it up.

Source: RockSteady XS

  • BrainGameMayhem

    I wonder how it compares to the JBL Flip! I love the Flip’s sound (and it can get pretty loud), but its bluetooth connectivity leaves a lot to be desired.

  • bondr006

    According to the links at the RockSteady website, the XS is already in stock and for sale at three different places.