Why Is This Macworld Booth Trying To Sell Me A Samsung Phone Case? [Macworld 2013]



macworldbug  SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/iWORLD 2013 – There are tons of cases here at   Macworld. Millions. Billions even. You can find cases for every sort of purpose. Want a case that can open your beer. Yep, it’s here. One that doubles as a mouse for your Mac. Sure thing.

Any case you can dream up for your iPhone, you will probably be able to find it here. But in one corner of Macworld there’s a booth that’s trying to sell Samsung smartphone cases to the hordes of Apple fanboys.

I stumbled upon the iPearl booth within minutes of landing on the Macworld expo floor. Along with some iPhone and iPad cases, iPearl has a whole wall of their booth dedicated to Samsung products.

We asked the sales girls at the booth why they’re selling Samsung specific products at an Apple event. One of the girls only spoke Chinese and didn’t understand my question. The other girl pieced together a sentence for me and explained that maybe some Mac fans are only fans of Apple computers, and not Apple iPhones.

Sounded silly to me, but it’s also feasible. I mean, I know one hardcore Apple fan that’s been roaming around with his Galaxy Camera and Android smartphone, so who knows. Maybe iPearl is on to something.

  • Bob Smogango

    I would ask the iPearl people to politely pull the Samsung products off the floor. That’s just bad taste on iPearl’s part. I wouldn’t ask them back next year if they pull this crap. Seems like business ethics is thrown out the WIndow.

  • Koban4max

    smart business move.

  • hanhothi

    You think ALL the delegates are carrying an iPhone and no one there has a Samsung? Wake up and smell the coffee!

    Apple may be making vast profits, but that is because they over charge for their products and have obscene profit margins. Samsung and Android are leaving Apple behind in their “Walled Garden”. Apple needs to get off their collective arses before they go the way of IBM and RIM (smart they renamed themselves after their flag ship product).

    Don’t believe me? Just look at the stock market! Apple is in trouble, and will go down if they do not start innovating again instead of relying on past successes just as RIM had been doing. History repeats itself.