Apple Is Getting Better At Building The New Super-Slim iMac


iMac sales will hopefully start heating up soon.

Fed up with waiting to get yourself one of Apple’s new, super-slim iMacs? It looks like Apple’s finally making them faster, and supply constraints will soon be easing up accordingly.

The report comes from The China Times and is summarized by Brightwire, who say simply:

The company’s Taiwanese component suppliers noted that the assembling conformity rate for the new iMac has been improved and mass production started in December 2012. Sales of the device may be boosted in 1Q 2013.

As new products will usually see orders peak within the first four months after they are launched, the shipments of the new iMac are expected to remain stable through 1Q 2013

Last quarter, Apple’s Mac sales were in a bit of a slump compared to a year ago quarter, but Tim Cook largely ascribed the sales dip to constraints on the new iMac. If this report is right, sales should soon surge as more iMacs hit the market.

Source: Brightwire