Archos Makes Yet Another Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad



Archos, maker of dodgy, hard-to-use MP3 players back in the 1990s, is hopping on the Bluetooth keyboard bandwagon.

Its offering is mostly standard, with one (literally) standout feature.

5mm thick, clad in aluminum, special iPad keys (except brightness, goddammit), and 892 grams (1.9 pounds) – the Archos checks all the boxes.

But its clever trick is its adjustable kickstand, which lets you tilt the iPad to any angle you like. This is great, as every other iPad keyboard I have used (and I have used most of them) is crappy on your lap, holding the iPad at too steep an angle to see the screen properly.

Hopefully the Archos stand won’t just tip over backwards, though. I guess we’ll see when it launches in March, for the competitive price of $80.

Source: ARCHOS

Thanks, Jennifer!