The iSpy Tank Is Controlled By Your iPhone, Has A Built-In Spy Camera



Although the iSpy Tank may not end up in James Bond’s gadget collection, it’s more than ideal for amateur espionage missions. The device is controlled by your iPhone and has a built-in camera relays real-time video directly to your iPhone’s display, so you can see exactly where it’s going even if you’re in another room.

The name’s a little misleading; it looks more like a sports car than it does a tank. It’s also a little expensive at $99 — especially when you consider that it connects to your iPhone via Wi-Fi, so couldn’t be used outdoors. But like any remote control toy that works with your iPhone, it is damn cool.

Here it is in action:

The iSpy Tank promises to offer a “top notch gaming experience and adds a whole new level of functionality for those who want to get the most out of their iDevice.”

It’s powered by six AA batteries, and has a 20-30 meter range. If you have $99 to drop on this thing, you can purchase it from iHelicopters using the source link below.

Source: iHelicopters

Via: Today’s iPhone