iHome’s Lightning Alarm Clock Will Charge Everything. Everything! [CES]



And so it begins… iHome has kicked off the CES Lightning accessory announcements with a typically indigestible press release containing roughly one zillion new gadgets.

If you want to hear about the Bluetooth headphones and alarm clocks, and all the other stuff, then visit the link below. For the neat new do-everything iDL100 alarm dock, read on.

The first thing I packed for this year’s CES was my 30-pin-to-Lightning-adapter, so I can hook up my iPhone 5 to my hotel-room alarm clock/dock. But hopefully next year I can save a few grams in my carry on.

The iDL100 is billed as a “Triple Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio With Two Lightning Docks and USB Charge/Play,” which really does sum things up.

The device has a pair of Lightning connectors up top for charging an iPhone 5 and an iPad together (and given that the retina iPad needs a full night’s sleep to charge, this is very handy).

There’s also an FM radio, a USB port for charging yet another device, speakers, a 3.5mm jack for input and a nifty feature which sucks the correct (or incorrect) time from your iPhone to set the device’s own clock.

The price? $150, which isn’t bad for you or me, but is a pricy investment for the modern hotelier.

Source: iHome

  • Chris Carman

    Any info on when these are available to purchase?

  • rcrider4

    That’s the alarm clock I got for Christmas! (Except mine is the version with the 30-pin connector, but that is fine since I still have a year left on my contract for my 4S, and I am not upgrading my iPad 2 anytime soon). It is an excellent clock, and has quite good sound.