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iPhone 2 To Cost $200 or Less — Reports



USA Today, the London Guardian and the Financial Times are all independently reporting that the new iPhone 2 will start at $200, bolstering the rumors we heard last week.

The Guardian says that in some cases, the iPhone will even be free to new subscribers:

… the handset will be offered at lower prices – or even for free. Those who sign up for a contract costing £75 a month will be offered the handset for no extra charge, breaking with Apple’s earlier attempts to avoid the large subsidies common in the rest of the industry. Elsewhere, the gadget is likely to be subsidised to lower the price, which could drop from £269 to as little as £100.

8 responses to “iPhone 2 To Cost $200 or Less — Reports”

  1. Matt J says:

    If you’re going to attach a city’s name to The Guardian, then it’s The Manchester Guardian.

  2. imajoebob says:

    For £1000/$2000 a year (with taxes etc) O2 and AT&T ought to supply me with a personal assistant to dial the damn phone for me! What kind of joke has the mobile phone market become? As there’s more and more, cheaper and cheaper bandwidth, the price just gets higher and higher. This is criminal! For the same money you can have home phone, cable TV, broadband, buy one new iTunes track a day, and rent a movie each week. People are paying more for these silly little phones than they do electricity!

    Wake up you silly sheep.

  3. imajoebob says:

    That said, I want one.

    But only of I can get it for 200 bucks (less than an iPod touch) and a decent plan for 50 bucks.

  4. Pete Mortensen says:

    Impressively, O2 is offering it for free is you get a 45 pound or higher voice and data plan. That’s $100 US or so. I’d go for it.