Braven 570, A Cut-Price Portable Speaker With Style



One day, I promise to stop writing about little candybar-shaped Bluetooth speakers, but today isn’t that day. After all, these things are so handy, and so excellent for their size that more choice has got to be better, right? Today’s offering comes from somebody we already know – Braven – and it has the dubious distinction of having appeared on the QVC shopping channel.

The Braven 570 is a cut-price version of my favorite (or second favorite, depending on the day) speaker, the 650. It has the same tough wraparound design, the same microphone and USB-out port for charging your phone, and the same play/pause controls on the side.

The battery has 1200mAh of juice, and the press release promises that it has the same sound as the other Bravens, plus the long 10-hour battery life of the mid-range models. So it seems that the only concession to get the price down to a rather excellent $130 ($99.96 on QVC, limited time only!) is the use of polymer (read: plastic) instead of aluminum to make the shell. And thanks to this material choice, you can also get the thing in a range of bright, hard to lose colors.

Like I said, I’m a big fan of portable speakers. I took a Jambox with me on a trip to Paris these last few days, and let me tell you – until you’ve used an iPad, a PadPivot and a Bluetooth speaker to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory on your hotel bed (alongside your lady or gentleman) before heading out into the rainy Parisian night for yet another butter-and-cream-enriched dinner, you haven’t lived.

Source: BRAVEN

Thanks: Adrienne!