Find Out If Your AT&T iPhone Can Use Facetime Over Cellular [iOS Tips]



So, Facetime over cellular data networks has been available to some AT&T unlimited data customers since late November.

What about you? Is your iPhone able to use this much-anticipated feature? How do you know? Well, read on, and we’ll show you.

First, launch the Settings app with a tap, and scroll down to Facetime. Tap the Facetime tab and you’ll go to that preference screen. You can toggle Facetime OFF or ON at the top of the screen, sign in with your Apple ID, and then decide whether you’ll be available at your iPhone’s phone number, or any email addresses you add. You can also set the Caller ID to your phone number or any verified email address.

Near the bottom there, that’s what we’re looking for. Toggle the “Use Cellular Data” switch to ON, and see what happens.

If it simply stays ON, you’re allowed to use Facetime via cellular networks. If not, you’ll get a big badge notification, asking you to contact AT&T. Whether you do or not depends a lot on your tolerance for corporate help line menu trees. I hate ’em, myself.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Via: OS X Daily

  • das22

    I am on the phone now with AT&T and they are standing by the policy that grandfathered unlimited data account users are not going to get FaceTime over cellular……….

  • JoeSiegler

    If you try this and get the Facetime over cellular error, try rebooting your phone. I initially was denied, but was able to access it after I rebooted.

    Apparently EVERYONE is supposed to be able to access this now. It’s not being restricted anymore.

  • Falafelhead

    I’ve done all the tricks, reboots, etc. and still no dice. It has to be on some sort of roll out or something…

  • laytoncy

    I’m on ATT with the grandfathered “unlimited data” (that gets throttled to hell) and I don’t even have the option to use FaceTime over cellular.