FaceTime Over Cellular Now A Go For Many AT&T Unlimited Data Customers



AT&T has notoriously been stingy, which made it no surprise back in August when they announced that they would only allow subscribers on Shared data plans — and not grandfathered plans — to utilize the new FaceTime over Cellular feature in 2016.

Call it an early Christmas present, call it a change of heart, but AT&T has now opened up FaceTime over Cellular to grandfathered unlimited data plans.

We’ve been receiving tips about the sudden change from Cult of Mac readers over the last few hours, like this one from tipster Michael B.

I have AT&T grandfathered unlimited data. Rebooted my phone and now FaceTime is enabled. Woohoo!

Looks like AT&T’s accountants figured out that they’ll make a bundle on overages with everyone making phone calls in High Def.

Indeed, users on Twitter and Reddit also confirm FaceTime over Cellular now works for them on tiered and unlimited plans.

Unfortunately, such success cases don’t appear to be universal, suggesting that either AT&T is rolling out the feature gradually, or else that it may have been turned on for some users accidentally.

Is AT&T FaceTime over Cellular working for you on a non-shared data fan? Let us know in the comments below.

  • allanmejiam

    Not me…. :/

  • Mrcjones

    After a reset it was active, then returned to off and had the normals “contact AT&T…” . I wonder if its only LTE or cell network speed specific. I’m in a crappy area now.

  • kenderama

    I don’t. Not in an LTE area, however.

  • Josh Yates

    Not me! :( On an iPhone 5 & in a LTE area.

  • radie842

    I just talked to AT&T, they said it will take 6 weeks for my grandfathered plan to allow cellular FaceTime. I live in NJ (Dont know if that matters)

  • JDatkinson

    I did a reboot also, and it was activated (on) and then quickly went off after a few seconds. :(
    Probably won’t happen for me in WVa until 2018.

  • yourgeekneeds

    It wasn’t working for me so I called AT&T and the person I spoke too hadn’t heard anything about it. All she knew that it was working for tiered data plans. When I reboot the phone the “Use cellular data” switch was on but as soon as I try to place a FaceTime call, it switches off.

  • twix4o8

    It was working for me when this article was posted I even tweeted about it (@vdancheta) but now 6 hours later it switched off again. Bummer.