Perch App Turns Your Old iDevice Into A Family Communication Hub


Perch is a new way to use your old iOS device. Got an iPod Touch or unused iPhone/iPad laying around the house with nothing to do? Perch is an app which turns it into an always-on portal, letting you just walk up to it and show things to other Perch users in your network.

The idea is to keep this on a wall at home and treat it as a window on your family.

The app uses the iDevice’s camera, along with motion-detection and other jiggery-pokery to become an asynchronous communicator.

Thus, you can walk up to the camera and it’ll switch on. Leave a video message or do a show-and-tell and your family members (or whoever else you share with) will get a push notification telling them there’s something new to see.

It’s like pinning a note on the refrigerator door, only nobody needs to visit the fridge to read it.

I like the idea quite a lot, and it’s a great way to make use of an otherwise defunct device. Of course, because it is always on, you;ll need to keep it plugged in, and you might also get a bit creeped out by the camera always watching you.

And for the motion detection to work, you’ll need to make sure all the non-geeks in the house don’t switch away from the Perch app, rendering the service useless.

Other than that, why not sign up for yet another social network?

Source: Perch

  • Cody Dollinger


  • MrsCleaver

    What poor marketing. Go to their website and see an iPhone 3x mounted on the wall, with no power cable attached, and a kid standing in front of it. However, no iPhone 3x has a front mounted camera.

    Then watch the video about their mounting strategies. There ARE no strategies shown, except to mount an iPhone or iTouch WITH a front mounted camera AND a power cord dangling from it (again, neither shown in their home page photo. Even worse, the short “mounting video” shows an iPhone 5, complete with Lightening cable attached. Wonder how many people have those lying around to be used as a dedicated in-home communication device?

    I like Charlie Sorrel’s tidbits, but I think he might check them out more thoroughly first, rather then trying to get the early scoop.

  • branjmb

    good lord. no.

  • wytchkraft_corp

    When I read the title of this post i was excited, but now I’m not. I have a very old iDevice: an 8Gb !st Gen iPod Touch, so, no camera, no mic, no speakers…they should add the comment that the program needs some hardware to run. Never the less, what a great idea.