Invisible Glass Speaker Fits Into Any Home



The People People Speaker is a clever solution to a persistent, cruel and terrible first-world problem: big, ugly speakers eating up the visual space of your home. The answer isn’t to make the speaker smaller, but to make the speaker less visible.

Thus the almost invisible speaker was born.

For something about to launch on Kickstarter, the details are vague and sometimes confusing. For instance, sound can be beamed to it via a “featured Wi-Fi antenna,” and the glass-bodied speaker cabinet “is transported without the glass panels.”

Still, you can’t argue that it doesn’t look cool, and thanks to its pared-down Scandinavian design and the clear, fit-any-decor box, it could turn into a design classic. If they remember to ship you the glass box, that is.


  • aardman

    The willy-nilly look of the internal wiring is an eyesore.

  • MrsCleaver

    Don’t know how it sounds, but it looks pretty darn visible to me.

  • andy16666

    The problem here is going to be the lack of sound dampening material, which is a pretty critical part of speaker design. Older units used a bat of fiberglass insulation or asbestos. Foam is pretty common these days. Empty speaker cabinets generally sound pretty terrible.