Bikepod, A Stylish Handlebar Mount For iPhone And Other Cameras


Sometimes, you really need to make an important Skype call when you’re on the go. Or you want to use your bike as a giant (and slightly unwieldy) “tripod” for your camera. At these times, what you need is Photojojo’s Bikepod

The aluminum and cork clamp looks good enough to leave on your bike all the time, even a vintage, lugged-steel framed racing bike. But of course that would be a bad idea, and so the Bikepod fastens to your handlebars with a quick-release clamp, which also makes it easily adjustable.


The top of the Bikepod ($25) uses a standard tripod screw to hold a small camera, or you can opt for the version which comes with a universal cellphone clamp ($45). This neat flat-folding holder also works as a desk stand.

I bought myself a very cheap iPhone handlebar mount from Amazon, and when it arrived I actually wondered why on Earth I might need it. My phone sits in my handlebar bag as I ride, and I have a Garmin EDGE 500 computer for GPS tracking, so I wonder what the point is (and yes, I know I should have though of this before ordering the mount).

But now I know: Action photos, in-ride Skype calls and a great way to catch car drivers being all dangerous.

Source: Photojojo

  • defactomonkey

    With so many bike riders already operating irresponsibly by weaving in and out of traffic or not cycling in a straight line on the side of the road I don’t think it is a wise move to put something as distracting as an iPhone onto the handlebars. Since statistically the majority of bike riders are children I can only imagine how dangerous this will be when they are texting or playing an iOS game while biking.