Gallery: A Cool Dozen Cult of Mac Fan Workspaces


Sean Caine

Earlier in the week we asked readers to post pics of their workspaces on our Facebook page for the chance to win a new Magic Mouse — and the response was great. So far, more than 90 of you have taken the time to become fans of Cult of Mac on Facebook, snap a shot and upload your pictures — thank you!

While everyone is waiting with bated breath to find out who’ll win the Magic Mouse (announcement to come tomorrow, Sunday, November 1), we thought readers might like to see a cool dozen of some of the most interesting.

Let us know what you think in comments below and feel free to continue posting your own shots over at the Facebook fan page.

It seems many of the workspaces submitted broke in two ways: people with multi-screen arrays and those with more simple set-ups.


We like Sean Caine’s Miami office set up. With 2 Mac Mini’s, a VAIO and a HDTV on a crystal table on top of a white marble floor, it’s something John Lennon might have approved of.


Christian Henning has a tidy editing suite running a G5 PowerMac and a 15″ MacBook Pro with a trio of desktop displays.


We’re not sure what line of work Nils Bertrand is in, but he needs a MacPro, MacBook, iPhone, Dell Precision, and six screens to get it done on.


Chris Clark calls this ‘the Cave,’ It’s outfitted with a Mac Pro 3GHz dual running 2 screens on left; MBP 2.33GHz on the right (he uses for XP in Parallels and social media apps). “Toss in a Shuffle here, an iPhone 3G there,” he says, “Good to go 14 hours/day!”


Here’s a set-up that packs a lot of gear into a small space. Barry Wood has a black MacBook, 8-core MacPro w/2 23″ Cinema displays, and a G4 Cube on the 17″ screen, with verything controlled from the Intuos and keyboard using Teleport. He’s also got what looks to be a pair of nice near-field audio monitors and an exercise ball for an office chair. Sweet!