When $368.2 Million Isn’t Enough – VirnetX Files Yet Another, Similar Patent Suit Against Apple



A couple of days ago, Cult of Mac reported that Apple had been successfully sued by an internet security software company, resulting in a $368.2 million damages award due the patent holders. Apparently, that award sum just wasn’t enough, as VirnetX has filed another complaint, claiming that Apple willfully infringed four patents.

As if another suit isn’t enough of a craziness, these are the same exact patents that were involved in the first suit. This time, the suing company says, they complaint includes the iPhone 5, the iPad mini, and the latest iPod touch, products that were not yet released when the initial complaint was filed.

In essence, VirnetX is saying that since its first suit was upheld, the new devices that also, in its view, infringe the same patents regarding Apple’s implementation of Facetime. The company is seeking additional damages as a sales ban on any products found to be infringing.

VirnetX has some success in suing larger patent cases and winning, like its settlement with Microsoft in 2010 in which the Redmond tech company was ordered to pay $200 million for two patents VirnetX owned. The company is currently in court with Cisco and Avaya, and has use the threat of legal action to settle licensing agreements with other firms in the past as well.

Apple, of course, has filed for reexamination of the four patents in its current case with the internet software security company with the US Patent Office and, according to the Verge, has filed a motion questioning the previous trial’s outcome.

Source: The Next Web

Via: The Verge