No Power, No Gas, Buy NYers Still Line Up In Record Numbers For iPad Mini


The line for the iPad mini at the Apple Store on 5th Ave.
The line for the iPad mini at the Apple Store on 5th Ave.

Despite millions of people living without power, or gas, and a crippled public transit system, New Yorkers have flocked to the Apple Stores in record numbers to buy the iPad mini.

Yesterday we assumed that the 5th Avenue Apple Store would see shorter crowds thanks to the effects of hurricane Sandy. The lack of public transportation combined with the financial cost of the hurricane damaged seemed like they would knock prevent people from wanting to buy an new Apple device, but reports are showing that the iPad mini has drawn big crowds.

Fortune has reported that the launch line at the 5th Ave Apple Store was at 580 before the store opened this morning. 750 people lined up before the store opened for the iPad 3 launch in March, so while the iPad mini launch doesn’t appear to be as successful initially, analayst still expect Apple to sell 1 to 1.5 million iPad mini units this weekend.


Source: Fortune

  • Bob Smogango

    Well, it is a first generation iPad mini. I’m sure battery life and thinness were top considerations. Bottom line, it’s still a nice product, but it’s market is smaller to begin with, so I don’t there is much concern. Apple knows that it will sell, it’s just a matter of how well and then they’ll get feedback and change whatever they need to change to make the next version better. That’s typical of Apple. They do take a conservative approach. Nothing wrong with that.

  • CharilaosMulder

    The iPad mini is without a doubt the best tiny tablet out there. But then those tiny tablets have no reason to even exist. Android manufacturers are unable to compete with real tablets, so instead they came up with smaller and cheaper tablets. iPad mini is nothing but a reaction to this stupidity.

  • baby_Twitty

    No Power, No Gas, No Spellchecks.

  • Bruce Schrock

    Power’s out but I’m so getting my hands on the latest gadget. Even if it kills me! lol SMH

  • johnprimrose3

    Buster. Having typos in the headline don’t look good. You guys are supposed to be the pros here. You just let yourself down.

    Having typos in the headlines “doesn’t” look good. Careful how you criticize.