The iPad 4’s 12W Power Adapter Will Charge Your iPad 30-45 Minutes Faster [Video]



The iPad 3 took forever to charge when it first came out, thanks to the gigantic battery that powers the new Retina display. Now that Apple has updated to the iPad 4, they’ve also come out with a new 12W power adapter that gives us the power we need.

After running some tests on the new 12W power adapter next to the old 10W power adapter, Insanely Great Mac found that the new 12W power adapter will charge an iPad 3 or iPad 4 as much as 30-45 minutes faster.

It doesn’t sound like much, but every second counts when you’re slaughtering your foes on Letterpress. You can pick the new adapter up from the Apple Store for 19 bucks.


Source: Insanely Great Mac

  • ozymandius

    Its been reported that the iPad Mini comes with the same 5W charger as the iPhone 5, however, the iPad mini battery is about 3x the size.

    Can you comment if the iPad Mini is capable of charging faster using the regular iPad 10W or 12W chargers or is it limited to the 5W charger?

  • Andrew Dunn

    What is interesting about your meaurement system is that you’re looking at the wattage into the supply NOT into the ipad. Since you’re converting AC wall power into DC supply power for the Ipad, you’ll always get some loss. In this case, your power meter is (i’m assuming exactly, it could be 12.5-13W really) telling you that 13W is going into the unit, and if (big if) the output is indeed 12W, there is 1W of loss in the conversion.

    Since a watt is power, its really current*voltage. so we have 120VAC*some_current1=13W whereas the output of the converter is 5VDC*some_current2=12W. You can do the math, but saying that you have .5W to 1W of loss in a AC to DC converter is actually pretty good.

    You’ll also notice the wattage usage should go down at ~90% of full since thats when the trickle charger functionality of the iphone will kick in. The extra 2W of this big charger will get you to 90% faster than the standard size, but the last 10% should be identical.

    Just thought I’d chime in.

  • Stuka_UK

    “30-45 minutes faster. It doesn’t sound like much” ….. You’re right, it doesn’t.