Monitor Belkin’s Night-Vision Webcam From Your iPhone



Quick test: see if you can guess what the following product does, just by decoding its cryptic name. Ready?

Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi with Night Vision

If you guessed “a Wi-Fi-connected security camera, which can see in the dark and is, I don’t know, probably made by like Belkin or someone?” then congratulations! You are a detective as sharp as Sherlock and as clever as Colombo. Also, you should work on your speech patterns — making statements that sound like questions, that rise in tone at the end, just make you sound stupid.

Anyhow, the Belkin NCWFwNV (as we shall call it) is a $130 webcam which hooks up directly to your home’s wireless network and can be accessed from your iPhone (or Android handset, if you can get it to switch on). From there, you can save any footage for later (maybe that hot babysitter is bending over again), and thanks to a bank of infrared lamps arrayed around the lens, it can also see in the dark.

Neat, and simple — unlike the name. It even has a wide-angle lens for easy placement and a microphone to check that the babysitter isn’t running a live webcam service from your home while she’s supposed to be looking after your brats.

Source: Belkin USA