iLuv Announces Many, Many iPad Mini Accessories


The Epicarp may or may not be a medical gadget for diabetic river fish.

Step 1: Apple announces new product.

Step 2: Accessory makers photoshop their entire product lineup to fit that new product.

Step 3: The press is deluged with PR emails.

And so it goes. The first in my inbox was iLuv, and its product picture people really have been busy shrinking everything down for the iPad Mini. If you’re planning on buying Apple’s shrunken-iPad-2-with-a-better-camera, then you’re not going to want for cases, chargers or any other crap.


ILuv really has thrown in the whole shebang: It even has its styluses on the new iPad Mini page. More interesting are products like the Epicarp, a shell case with a three-panel front flap, just like the new iPad Mini Smart Cover.



iPulse. Ugh.

Then there’s the iPulse, an absurd bit of kit which makes your new iPad Mini thicker, linger and bulkier. If you wanted an Android tablet and your dumb parents bought you a stupid iPad instead, this is the case for you.

What this shameless miniaturization1 does do, though, is make me excited for the future of Mini accessories. The little one-handed, slim'n'light Mini is a different gadget from the big iPad, and as such needs some very different accessories. I can’t wait.

Source: iLuv

  1. To be fair, the iPulse does appear to be a new product made especially for the Mini



  • robert_bastian

    Wow, they didn’t even get the connector right. Or the edges. Is this even supposed to be the mini?