Forget Flat: Mac Mini And Apple TV Stands Venerate Verticality



Hate, nay loathe the horizontal? Does laying down leave you feeling unseemly? Does landscape orientation drive you crazy? Would you rather live in a tiny apartment at the top of a skyscraper than in a luxurious two-story country home? Then NewerTech’s new NuStand Alloy stands are for you.


If you hate the horizontal this much, my first question would be “why the hell did you buy and Mac Mini or an Apple TV in the first place? These flat hockey pucks are clearly too squat for your tastes. But the new NuStands let these tiny devices climb heavenward, like the Tower of Babel, a tribute to the vertical prowess of a godless mankind.

The simple stands also improve air circulation, but do little to actually decrease the footprint of these pancake-ian pucks. Still, they are color-matched, in black or silver depending on your target device, and will cost just $17.50 for the AppleTV version, and $20 for the Mini.

Source: NewerTech