Cute Bluetooth DrBlinky Flashes Your Alerts


To be honest, I’m writing about DrBlinky for two reasons, both of them frivolous. One is the name: DrBlinky. Who couldn’t love a name like that?

The other is the Indiegogo pitch video, a triumph of cheesiness and amateur earnestness, but in a (very) good way. Put it this way — if Will Ferrell and Ricky Gervais ever teamed up to do a parody Kickstarter-style promo, it would look like this.

DrBlinky is a little Bluetooth 4 dongle which flashes when you get an alert on your iPhone (or Android Phone). Emails, SMS, calls along with Twitter and Facebook alerts will cause the little button-cell-powered lamp the flash.

The nightclub in the video is one example of use, but you could also use the good Dr. in silent environments (library), meetings and so on, or put it on your handlebars so you don’t miss a call when cycling in noisy traffic.

The price? Amazingly, this thing is supposed to sell for $70. I’d rather miss a few calls and buy the caller a drink to apologize. Early-bird investors in the Indiegogo campaign can get one for a “mere” $30, which is much closer to the mark.

Source: Indiegogo

  • FriarNurgle

    Great for deaf people… but hard to resist not making a bad drug dealer beeper comment.

  • Jdsonice

    I saw something similar when I worked at Motorola. Employees got it for free. It was a waste of time and money.