Logitech’s Broadcaster, A Wireless 720p Camera For Your Mac or iPad



Logitech’s new Broadcaster webcam is just what it says it is: a webcam for live-streaming video, and for shooting podcasts. But that makes it sound boring, so how about this: The Broadcaster shoots 720p video, can connect to your Mac, iPad or iPhone via Wi-Fi and works with most of your built in (Mac) apps.

And, amazingly, there’s more:

The camera connects to your existing Wi-Fi network and talks to your devices from there. Using it with an iOS device requires you to use the companion Broadcast app, which lets you shoot and edit video and audio, or just record and edit in your favorite video app.

With the Mac, you can use the Broadcast app or use the camera direct with Skype, iMovie, FaceTime, Final Cut Pro and other video-capable apps. And used standalone, with no computers at all, the camera can stream direct to Ustream.

I would probably have been more excited by this before the iPad got its own cameras, but for podcasters, and narcissistic Ustream over-sharers, the ability to instantly cut — live — between various cameras could be a real boon, and could make the $200 price tag look positively cheap.

Available now.

Source: Logitech

Via: The Unofficial Apple Weblog