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Cleartones Organic, The Least Annoying Ringtones In The World



There can’t be much I hate more than a bad ringtone. I have one (because my phone is a Samsung and all of its tones are awful); my neighbor has one, which he takes forever to answer when his family call from overseas at like two in the morning every day; idiots on the bus and metro have them (usually some tinny-sounding “music” snippet of a record I never want to hear in full); and even my parents have them — not that anyone ever calls their cellphones, thank god.

In fact, there are only two things in the world of ringtones that make me optimistic. The first is that — with the slow death of Nokia — the horrible default Gran Vals tone (and its cheesily remixed derivatives) is also dying.

The second is Cleartones Organic, a set of 50 ringtones and 50 notifications which will calm you like a cool forest breeze.

Blogger, hacker and serial nerd Brett Terpstra describes Cleartones thusly:

I’ve listened to them all, and there’s not one that would make me want to punch somebody in a grocery checkout line.

High praise indeed. Cleartones Organics achieve this near-impossible feat by using recordings of real instruments like “metal bells, glass bowls, marimba and vibraphone.”

Made by Hugo Verweij, Organics differ from his original unobtrusive Cleartones by being made on actual acoustic instruments, and he has an in-depth description — complete with photos of the cool-looking instruments — over at his site.

You can preview both the ringtones and the notifications before buying (careful, though — you might drift off), and they cost just $10 per set, or $17 for the whole lot.

I’m in. I have my first ever iPhone on order, and to be honest I could do with a change on my iPad too, if only because the number of my neighbors who own iPhones is growing, and whenever they get a new iMessage or email, I immediately think that I have a new iMessage or

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