Do Not Adjust Your Set: We’ve Gone Retina!


We've updated the Cult of Mac website for Apple's latest devices with high-resolution Retina displays.

If you’re reading this website on a new iPad or MacBook Pro with a Retina display, you may have noticed how crisp the logo is. Go on; take a good look. Zoom in with your fingers. Also check out the navigation bar, and the graphics for Reviews, Tips and How-Tos. See how clear and crisp they are?

That’s because we’ve upgraded the site to Retina — Apple’s marketing term for screens that are so dense with pixels, they’re practically invisible.

We think it looks really sharp. And next week, we’ll be giving the mobile site a complete overhaul to make it pretty for the iPhone 5.

Here’s what the site looks like on Retina and non-Retina devices.

The Cult of Mac logo on non-Retina devices (left) and on new Retina machines like the latest iPad and MacBook Pro (right).

Hit the jump for some of the geeky details:

The Retina upgrade involved doubling the resolution of most of the site’s graphics:

– Masthead (logo, logotype, social)
– Navigation bar
– Comments (non inline)
– Page background gradients (shortly to be done in CSS3)
– BC icons
– Footer icons and logo
– Search wells

For desktop, that means everything is x2. That means twice as detailed, not the original file blown up to twice the size.

The site is noticeably crisper and cleaner on new iPads and MacBook Pros with Retina display. You need a new machine to see the changes; the site remains the same for non-Retina devices. During testing, the difference was striking when turning the new graphics on and off. It was like focussing and defocussing a camera.

The work was done by Craig Grannell of Snub Communictions and Dan Draper of Dan Draper Designs. Thanks guys for the great work! And thanks to reader Adam Scott for pushing us to make the upgrade.

Here’s what the old site looks like when you zoom in on a non-Retina display:

And when you zoom in on the new iPad:


  • RadTech5000

    Very nice! Has the picture of the guy with the Apple logo on the back of his head ever been identified? LoL

  • TechShizzle

    What good is it when the effin’ site has so much advertising it repeatedly crashes mobile Safari?!

  • hanhothi

    Oh no! CoM crashed my iPad all the time before, now it is almost unviewable! I need my Winows computer for this site. What a JOKE, I guess they get more hits this way!

  • technochick

    It’s been like 3 months since the MBP Retina came out, six months since the Retina iPad came out and a year since the iPhone and you are just NOW updating.

    And you expect a pat on the back. Don’t think so. Now perhaps in another six months you’ll get around to fixing the bugs in the comment system on mobile devices and maybe a year from now you’ll deal with the crap ass tabloid ‘journalism’ of your idiot writers.

  • Azlan Ayy

    Good Job Thanks!

  • _mick_

    Leander, I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but unfortunately, the site DOESN’T remain the same for non-Retina users. My first-gen iPad is now dead slow at CoM, and crashes constantly. I’m sure I’ll upgrade eventually, but until then, this will be tough to deal with.

    Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the podcasts very much.

  • greendayfan

    Um, did you guys test it much, because this page brings the iPad 3 to a crawl and crashes it pretty easily. Great job?!!

  • kevinkee

    It feels a bit heavy on iPad 3 – but not too much, I didn’t encounter crash. Hopefully u guys can get it lighter. And I want to see iPhone 5 version asap. Oh btw, any chance to turn the guy’s head with apple logo on his back around?