Apple Says You Need To Stop Using Palm Rest Covers On Your Retina MacBook Pro



Tons of Apple accessory manufacturers make cute little palm rest covers for MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs so the metal of your cherished MacBook doesn’t get all scratched and nasty and damaged. They make your MacBook standout, but Apple thinks you need to stop freaking using them because you’re going to break your display if you keep it up.

In a note published on Apple’s support blog, Apple warned users that using palm rest covers might totally interfere with all of Apple’s fancy engineering that went into making the MacBook Pro with Retina display super thin. The added thickness might mess up your display and crack your screen when you shut your MacBook, leaving you super sad.

Here’s what Apple said about the palm rests –

“To enable thin design, the clearance between the display and the palm rest area is engineered to tight tolerances. Do not use palm rest covers as the added thickness may interfere with the designed resting position of the display … As a best practice, keep the palm rest clear of any material.”

So yeah, even though you really really wanna smother your MacBook with Hello Kitty palm rests so your setup looks totally badass, stop doing it. 97.3% of the palm rests on the internet look super dorky anyway, but if you gotta have it, make sure you have an AppleCare Protection Plan.

Source: Apple Support
Via: MacGasm