These iFeet Slippers Are The Gift For Perfect Every Apple Fanboy [Image]



We know pretty much nothing about these fancy slippers, other than the fact that they’d be the perfect gift for all your Apple Fanboy friends this Christmas. They’re made by Footsie 101 in London, and it looks like they come in more color varieties than the iPod nano. No word on pricing, but we can’t imagine these will be on sale much longer once Apple finds out.

Source: Instagram

  • Len Williams

    Yuck! I love my Macs and iPhone, but seriously, who would want to walk around wearing the Apple logo on bedroom slippers? One of the things that Apple is known for is good taste. This doesn’t fall into that category. Simply slapping an Apple logo on a product doesn’t make it cool. Even though it says “London” I would bet this is made in China or Taiwan or Korea in a cheap attempt to capitalize on Apple’s good name and identity. The manufacturers might have pulled it off if the Apple logo was tiny and embossed to make it a bit more subtle, like high-end leather goods, but they went for big and ugly instead.