Artist Pledges To Show Controversial Steve Jobs Trash Statue



Every time a company or artist decides to make a Steve Jobs figuirine, Apple’s lawyers rush in with their sledgehammers to stop its production. It happened with the M.I.C. Gadget Steve Jobs action figure in 2010, and to toy maker In Icon in 2012.

Most people have gotten the message and just stay clear from Steve Jobs’ likeness, but one artist is hoping that his controversial Steve Jobs sculpture will prompt Apple to think different. How controversial is it? Well it’s made out of Steve Jobs’ trash the artist collected over a year ago, and limited number of black sculptures are being produced to represent each Foxconn suicide.

Post PC artist, XVALA, will debute his sculpture of the Apple-banned Steve Jobs action figure in an upcoming gallery at the Los Angeles Brewery Arts Complex and he’s hoping that it will help bring more awareness to the labor issues faced by employees at Apple’s supplier Foxconn.

The sculpture was made with XVALA’s patented plastic porcelain that was mixed with recycled resin made up of Steve Jobs’ trash that XVALA collected from Steve’s home months before his death last year, which is pretty creepy if you ask us, but if you want to make a statement you gotta aim high.

“The production of this sculpture will continue with or without Apple’s approval. The ‘Jobs’ sculpture represents the pros and cons in pursing the quality of life. Unfortunately, there are adverse effects bestowed on a global population when supporting a vision. Either waiting in line or in an assembly line, Apple is to die for,” said XVALA. “Unfortunately, Apple thinks it’s all the same.”

The Steve Jobs figurines will be unveiled on October 13th at 8P.M. Most will come in classic Apple White, but a limited edition series will be coated in Apple Black to serve as the motif for past suicides at Foxconn.

Source: Tippnews