Autographer Wearable Camera Automatically Captures Your Entire Day


Wearable electronics that don't look dorky. Who knew?
Wearable electronics that don't look dorky. Who knew?

Some years ago, I had a science-fiction idea. What if you could wear a camera and record your entire life? It would be small enough to hang around your neck or clip to your clothes. It would have enough memory and battery power to run all day, and it would record with a high enough resolution that you could “enhance” images to see close-up details.

Of course, this tech now exists. The latest iteration is this neat little Autographer, and in some ways it’s even better than my “invention.”

The Autographer comes from UK-based OMG Life, and combines stylish design with a smart camera. Using five sensors and a GPS unit to detect “light and colour, motion, direction and temperature,” the camera automatically snaps thousands of photos throughout the day, picking times when something interesting appears to be happening.

Thus, the shutter is triggered by sudden movements, changes in temperature (the very English example of moving from “a warm pub to a snowy street” is quite excellent) and other detected parameters. All photos are taken through a 136˚ semi-fisheye wideangle lens, and can be viewed as pictures or as a stop-motion video.

You can also create animated GIFs.

One thing I didn’t foresee in my sci-fi daydream was today’s connectivity, and the Autographer has that covered: using Bluetooth, it can connect and beam pictures to your iPhone, where a companion app will let you view photos, maps and so on.

Camera specs include a 5MP sensor, OLED display, 58 gram weight (two ounces) and a fixed-focus lens. The only problem might be the price. At £400 (almost $650), this is in the range of quality mirrorless cameras. Still, it’s pretty unique, which may just be enough. Want one? You’ll be able to buy it in November.

Source: Autographer

Via: Digital Photography Review