First Pictures Of ‘Working’ iPad Mini Surface


This looks like it could be the real thing.
This looks like it could be the real thing.

The first pictures of a working iPad mini have surfaced ahead of a rumored unveiling next month. The device sports the aluminum shell we’ve seen a number of times in recent weeks, only it’s fully assembled with what appears to be a working display.

Normally, we look at images like this and immediately dismiss them as nonfunctioning models manufactured by a third-party — like the one that surfaced earlier this month. But there are a couple reason why I believe this one could be the real deal.

First, it looks genuine. As I mentioned earlier, the aluminum rear shell is identical to that which has surfaced before, and everything about it appears to be legitimate. Also, look closely at the device’s display — there’s a reflection of the person taking the photograph within it, and it looks like a real piece of glass.

The last purported iPad mini we saw didn’t have that. Instead, its display looked like it had just come from someone’s printer.

As we learned from the recent iPhone 5 rumors, leaks like this hit their peak as we edge closer to the device’s unveiling. And with a rumored iPad mini announcement coming next month, it seems plausible that this device could have come from the same leaky factory all those iPhone 5 part did — and they all turned out to be spot-on.

Source: Bolopad

Via: Gizmodo

  • Dario Christian Kyle

    If this is real, why is iOS 5 installed on it? Look at the Maps icon..

  • technochick

    it’s easy enough to build a mock up, print out a screen and put it under the glass and take a photo of it.

    This proves nothing.

  • wizard32843

    Looks like nothing more than a piece of printed paper tucked under the glass.

  • prodge6671

    I agree with Dario. If this is the true iPad Mini wouldn’t it be running iOS 6 instead of iOS5? That seems like a dead give away that this is fake and not real. Where is passbook and the new Maps app?

  • Derek Young

    Is it thick enough for you?

  • ddevito

    I think it needs to be narrower, particularly if it’s to be held (in any way) with one hand. Otherwise it will give no advantages over the 10″ iPad.

  • Shane Bryson

    Where is passbook and the new Maps app?

    While I entirely realize this is fake, Passbook not being there is not a giveaway. The iPad does not receive Passbook with iOS 6.