Apple Confirms Lightning Cables For HDMI, VGA Are Coming Soon


These won't work with your iPhone 5.
These won't work with your iPhone 5.

With the 30-pin dock connector on the brink of extinction, you’re probably wandering how you’re going to hook your iOS devices up to your TV without the help of an Apple TV. Your old HDMI and VGA adapters won’t work, and Apple didn’t announce any new ones at its iPhone 5 event. So does that mean AirPlay is the only option?

Thankfully, it does not. Apple has confirmed that Lightning-compatible HDMI and VGA adapters will be arriving for your new iOS devices “in the coming months.”

Shortly after Apple announced the new Lightning connector on Wednesday, it became apparent that its new Lightning to 30-pin adapter does not support video output. That means you can’t use your existing HDMI or VGA adapters with the latest iOS devices — not even if you buy the $30 adapter.

Some were worried that this meant the only way to get video on your TV from your iPhone 5 was to get an Apple TV and use AirPlay. But an Apple spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge that new adapters will be coming soon.

The company has not confirmed pricing, but you can expect them to cost around the same as existing HDMI and VGA adapters, which are priced at $39 and $29 respectively.

Source: The Verge