Here’s The First Comparison Of A Picture Taken With The iPhone 5 And The iPhone 4S



Apple didn’t release any side-by-side comparisons of the iPhone 5’s image quality next to the iPhone 4S, and we won’t see direct comparisons until reviews hit the web closer to the iPhone 5 launch date. However, Scott Everett noticed that Apple used a picture of Big Sur in their iPhone 5 photos gallery that was nearly identical to one he took recently with his iPhone 4S, giving us our first direct comparison of image quality.

Digging into the iPhone 5’s EXIF data, Dpreview was able to find a lot of new tibits about the iPhone 5’s camera sensor – it’s larger than the iPhone 4S and is able to drop to ISO 50. The new iPhone 5 sensor also has lower minimum sensitivity even though the pixel count is the same as the previous model.

“Close examination shows the iPhone 5 is using a 4.1mm lens to give a 33mm equivalent field of view, rather than the 4S’s 4.3mm lens, which gave a 35mm equivalent view. This means the new sensor is a tiny fraction larger. The iPhone 5 has also selected ISO 50, 1/3EV below the 4S’s minimum sensitivity of ISO 64.”

Make sure to head over to Dpreview to see the full comparison of the two images along with more info on the iPhone 5 camera sensor.


Source: Dpreview

Via: Gizmodo

Image: Gizmodo