New Version Of iTunes Coming In October With iCloud Integration And Revamped Interface [iPhone 5 Event]



Following the iPhone 5, Apple’s Eddy Cue announced the next version of iTunes. The new iTunes borrows heavily from the mobile iOS experience, and iCloud integration is pervasive through the new interface. Search and playlist creation has been improved, along with general interface elements throughout the app’s design. It all looks a lot like the Music app in iOS.

Artists are now able to share photos in users’ iTunes libraries alongside tracks, and there’s plenty of new ways of interacting with your music and the iTunes Store. There’s a sexy new mini-player that can sit on your desktop, which is a particularly nice addition.

The iTunes Store itself has been updated to look more like the iOS 6 interface, and iCloud can be used to download and keep content in sync between devices. Following the onstage demo, Eddy Cue announced that the new iTunes is coming in October.

Source: Apple

  • lukeit

    I don’t understand if the list view has disappeared from iTunes… because if the only list view you can have is by clicking on the Album, that really seems to be cumbersome and unpractical… I don’t want to believe I cannot browse my library by genre or simply by songs…

  • Paul Herron

    There is a songs tab, so you can view list view. I’m not too convinced you can sort the order of that list though.

  • Jon Aanestad

    This is THE only thing exciting that Apple unveiled at their event.
    Seriously, if they’d dropped chasing after their copycats and focused on doing what is actually needed to bring the iPhone back on top, they’ve might have done it right, but the 5 is rally disappointing.

    I’m a heavy apple-user, but I’m moving over to Windows Phone 8 when they come out. Look to your competitors Apple, iOS looked great when it was released in 2007, now it’s plain and boring.

    Did anyone notice the striking similarity between nokias Lumia 800 and the new nano by the way?

  • nthnm

    @lukeit List View will still be there. He threw that in at the very end of explaining the features with a little, “Oh yeah, and List View is still there,” and he moved on to the next thing.

  • destroysall

    Any specific date? I’m eager to give the new iTunes a-go.