Kindle For Mac Update Brings Support For Lion Gestures, Kindle Format 8 Books & More


Amazon shows its Mac app some love.
Amazon shows its Mac app some love.

After unveiling its latest Kindle lineup last week, Amazon has updated its Kindle app for Mac OS X to introduce support for new books that employ the Kindle 8 format. It also adds OS X Lion gestures and a number of improvements.

Users can now (finally!) user their trackpad to swipe through the pages of their books, and to pan in and out of pages, within the Kindle app — providing they’re running OS X Lion or above. They can also enjoy Kindle Format 8 titles, which offer over 150 new formatting capabilities, including fixed layouts, nested tables, sidebars, and more.

Amazon has also made improvements to performance for books that have a large number of notes and highlights, and improved support for larger libraries. It has also added support for the Japanese language, and quashed plenty of bugs.

Kindle version 1.10.3 can be downloaded from the Mac App Store now.

Source: Mac App Store

Via: The Next Web

  • Frank Lowney

    I downloaded this application and set up an Amazon account (required) to test this out. Sure, you can download free, public domain eBooks from Amazon but I could find no way to ingest ePub (or mobi or K8) files that I and my colleagues have created or converted from other sources. It appears to work only within the impenetrable silo that is Amazon. Or did I miss something?

  • Tommy Fannon

    Still no Retina support. Big FAIL.