Create An Easy Conference Call With Your iPhone [iOS Tips]



For someone who uses their iPhone a lot (and I mean a LOT), it’s funny how many little things I just don’t know about. iOS is a brilliant and complex thing, and finding all the hidden features is pretty tricky. Take today’s tip, for example – I rarely use my iPhone as a phone, really, so it’s with that in mind that I want to point out how easy it actually is to create a conference call with Apple’s magical device.

Make sure you have all the people you want to call in your Contacts list, first, as this will make this super simple. Then, call the first person on your list. When they answer, you’ll see the Add Call button, the one with the big plus sign on it, brighten up. Tap it to add a second person.

The Contact list will pop up, hence the need for the prep work in step one above. Scroll and find the next person’s contact info from your list, and tap that person’s number. When the second person answers, you will see the Merge Calls button brighten. Tap that to bring both calls together. If you have more than two people on your list, tap Add Call again and repeat the process until you have all your people on the phone, ready to chat.

The beauty of this is that none of the people on the other end need an iPhone, or Skype, or anything except a regular old phone number. That’s pretty fantastic right there, since my parents still use dialup.

Let me know if this tip was helpful – not everyone is aware of these kinds of features, so I hope it’s helpful to those of you who didn’t.

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Via: OS X Daily

  • SamuelBrock

    Your parents use dialup? You’re not very helpful as a tech-savvy son are you now?

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