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NutKase’s Leather iPhone Wallet Does Its Job Well And It’s Nicely Priced [Review]


Just $35!
Just $35!

Yes, I’m reviewing another iPhone wallet case. But this is the last one on my pile of things to review — at least for now. Built by NutKase, this particular model is manufactured from thick leather that comes in black or red, and it boasts three card slots and a “hidden” cash pocket.

If you buy the black version, you get an elasticated band that keeps the wallet closed while its not in use; while the red version features a more elegant leather button clasp.

Both models come with a unique selling point that I’m yet to find in another wallet case: a built-in magnetic stand that allows you to elevate your device for FaceTime calls, typing with an external keyboard, or watching movies — wherever you may be.

They also provide access to all your buttons, ports, and cameras as you’d expect. And they’re priced at just $34.99, with front and back screen protectors included.

I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that I hate carrying a wallet around in my pocket, and so I’m a big fan of wallet cases that let me combine my credit cards and cash with my iPhone. So how does the NutKase compare to the others?

The Good

The biggest advantage to the NutKase is, of course, its built-in stand. Not many wallet cases offer this, and you may not see the need for it, but I’ve found it to be particularly useful every so often.

It’s great on the train, for example, because you can stick it on the table or tray in front of you and watch a movie to pass the time. I used mine in a restaurant to keep the kids entertained (and quiet) after a few too many colas. NutKase says the stand is also handy for typing with an external keyboard, but I’m not sure if there’s anyone out there who actually does this on an iPhone.

When you’re not using it, the stand folds away into the back of the case between the rear cover and the center section that holds your iPhone, so you’d never really know it was there.

The other great thing about this case is that it has a hole in the back for your rear-facing camera. Some wallet cases don’t have this (I’m looking at you, BookBook) and they require you to pull out your iPhone every time you want to take a snap. But every one should have one.

I also like the elastic band keeping the NutKase closed. It can get in the way sometimes and you have to bat it away, but it ensures the case stays closed when you want it to and that everything that you put inside it stays inside it.

Your iPhone is secured inside the wallet by a leather pocket that protects the front and sides — but not the corners — of your device. If you drop it while the case is open, then, there’s a good chance your device will be unscathed.

That pocket keeps your iPhone secure, too. It doesn’t move around inside, and although a small leather flap folded behind your iPhone is the only thing keeping it inside the case, it doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to fall out when you tip it upside down.

Space for three cards seems to be the standard for an iPhone wallet case, and it’s a good number. You can cram more into this case if you want to, because the pockets will stretch a little. But every card you add increases the size of the case.

The Bad

While we’re on the subject of size, this wallet is a little bulky. Every wallet case is, of course, but it seems to be more apparent with this one because of the extra leather at the back of the case concealing the stand.

What’s more, the NutKase doesn’t quite have the same premium feel that the BookBook does. Its leather feels a little… cheaper. It actually feels more like it’s made of plastic.

Also, the elastic band keeping the case closed gets tatty over time, especially if you’re pulling the case of your pocket all the time. Mine has started to go all hairy and bobbly, and looks like it needs a good trim.

Having said that, the NutKase is significantly cheaper than its rivals at $34.99.

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a leather wallet case for your iPhone, and you don’t want to break the bank, then the NutKase is one you should consider. It’s certainly not the best one out there, but it does its job well, has some good features, and it’s very nicely priced.

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