Samsung Won’t Have To Pay $1 Billion To Apple Until 2013



Apple may have been awarded $1Billion in damages by the jury in their case against Samsung last month, but it will be awhile until Apple can start counting that cash. In fact, Apple might not even get the full $1Billion they were rewarded if Judge Koh changes the ruling.

Because the hearing on post-trial motions has been set for December 6th, Foss Patents says that payment won’t happen until the early part of 2013 because any verdict in favor of Apple will be stayed for 14 days. Changes to the final amount owed could also be made by Judge Koh.

But just because they won’t see the money till 2013, Apple still has a few options they can go to benefit them financially right now.

Apple still buys components from Samsung of an annual value on the order of ten times the damages verdict. Parties that do so much business with each other could agree that, for example, Apple can simply withhold some payments for components until the post-trial motions are resolved.

If all else fails, Samsung has billions in the bank and could just pay Apple in full once a final verdict has been set. The battle is far from over though, as Samsung and Apple are litigating against each other in ten countries.


Source: Foss Patents

  • Steffen Jobbs

    …but Apple needs that money now.

  • hanhothi

    The battle is far from over, and Apple has lost every case against Samsung in every other country apart from in the USA with an American Jury.

    CoM has not even reported on the latest loss that Apple has suffered against Samsung, the case in Tokio.