OlloCorrect App Fixes Distortion From iPhone Accessory Lenses


OlloCorrect corrects OlloDistortions from Olloclips.


Olloclip users rejoice. Or rather, Olloclip users who really hate any kind of lens-induced distortion, rejoice! For now you can grab a free app which will automatically remove and correct any and all of the bends, aberrations and artifacts of your handy add-on lens.

The Olloclip is probably the handiest of iPhone accessory lenses. It features a fisheye, a wideangle and a macro lens, all in one easy-to-use unit which just clips onto the corner of your iPhone 4/S and sits over the lens.

It’s great, but it also introduces some distortion – the fisheye lens in particular – being a fisheye – bends any and every straight line near the edge of the frame as it makes the whole photo circular.

OlloCorrect, from the makers of the HiLo add-on lens, offers a few corrections. It’ll remove thr barrel distortion caused by firsheye and wideangle lenses, it’ll correct for pincushion distortion in macros lenses, and it’ll take care of vignetting (edge darkening) from any lens (and then you can add it back in Instagram).

The app will work with photo snapped through any accessory lens, not just the Olloclip for which it is named. And you can of course just download it and use it to monkey with straight, non-distorted photos. OlloCorrect is available now in the iTunes Store.

Source: iTunes Store

Via: iPhoneography